Let’s Get The Word Out!

Value Downloads proudly enters it’s third year of matching customers with specialty downloadable ebooks. What is an ebook? Simply put, it’s a book in digital form. While best sellers and literary classics may be easily bought at any local bookstore, ebook customers tend to need more specialized works. This makes ebooks a dynamic internet-based market with hungry buyers seeking subject matter experts every hour of every day.

With experts around the world in any topic one can imagine using the internet daily, ebooks have revolutionized knowledge sharing worldwide. What began as a 90’s buzzword has quite simply become the next generation of reading material. Whether you’re interested in mountain climbing in Tibet or Designing a great website, chances are there is an ebook out there that will suit your needs.

At Value Downloads, we try to match customers needing information on specialty subjects with experts around the world. We find that our customers are consistently pleased to find such specific material available, and the instant download feature let’s them skip the hassle of endless bookstore hopping. Is it any wonder that ebooks have become the medium of choice for literature?

Are You A Subject Matter Expert?

If you have knowledge on specialty subjects listed below, we’d like to hear from you. We are specifically seeking experts in the following areas:

  • Anchorage Real Estate
  • Chattanooga Cabin Rentals
  • Laos Backpacking
  • Singapore Diving
  • Taos Real Estate
  • Vietnam Hostels

If you consider yourself an expert on any of these subjects, please contact us. After we verify your subject matter expertise, we’ll explain our package to you. Once you’re able to pen an authoritative ebook for distribution, we take care of the rest. From marketing to customer service to distribution, Value Downloads will spread your wisdom globally!